Presentation tips

Tips for presenting a property for sale

  •  Lock valuables away
  • Remove dogs during the sale period
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Mow the lawn
  • Chip bark on garden beds
  • Keep pool clean
  • External wash down including windows
  • Clean carpets
  • Fresh flowers in dining or living area
  • Burn incense
  • Replace shower curtain
  • Declutter house and gardens and store clutter off site
  • Keep curtains, blinds, windows and doors open when possible
  • Spring clean house
  • Finish unfinished projects
  • Remove all rubbish
  • Trim overhanging branches especially if they are covering windows and reducing the light in the house
  • Clean gutters
  • Remove oil stains from driveway
  • Clean the footpath
  • Bring in additional pot plants
  • Don’t have clothes on the clothesline or in the laundry area
  • Play gentle music during inspections

If in doubt, use white as the default colour when decorating. It is a safe choice as 90% of people like white.