Chattel Auctioneer Course


This is the course if you are looking to auction vehicles or goods other than real estate. It covers the educational requirements needed to apply for a Chattel Auctioneer licence in Queensland. A Chattel Auctioneer licence in Queensland allows you to:

  • Sell, or attempt to sell, vehicles, livestock, art, furniture (any items except real estate).
  • You can work alone, with others or as an employee of a chattel auctioneer or a motor dealer.

Note: PRET Australia is not a CRICOS Provider

Click here for OFT information and eligibility requirements


Allows you to apply for Chattel Auctioneer Licence.

Statement of attainment for 4 x units of competency: part of CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate).


Manage small business finances


Conduct auctions


Establish and manage agency trust accounts


Prepare for auction and complete sale